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What are 3 true statements about physical reallocation of data added in ONTAP 7.3? (Choose three.)

A.    Volume Snapshots do not need to be deleted for the reallocate to run effectively
B.    Reinitialize any SnapMirror relationship for the new physical geometry
C.    Dont run it on files, volumes, and LUNs that are in an aggregate created by a version of ONTAP earlier than7.2
D.    Use aggr reallocate -p pathname to run the physical reallocate
E.    Use reallocate -p pathname to run the physical reallocate

Answer: ACE

Executing this command will have what effect?

options wafl.default_security_style mixed

A.    It will change the security style of all volumes to mixed.
B.    It will change the security style of all qtrees to mixed.
C.    It will set the security style of all files to mixed.
D.    It will set the default security style for all newly created volumes.

Answer: D

Which iSCSI security method encrypts data between the initiator and the target?

A.    IPSec
B.    CHAP
C.    LUN masking
D.    Header and Data Digests

Answer: A

Which command will show the FCP target(s) on a storage system?

A.    lun show -v
B.    fcp show adapter
C.    fcp show all
D.    lun stats

Answer: B

Which two are Data ONTAP commands for gathering performance information? (Choose two.)

A.    sio_ntap_soll
B.    sysstat
C.    perfstat
D.    nfsstat

Answer: BD

File locking for a CIFS client is __________.

A.    advisory
B.    mandatory
C.    ordered
D.    optional

Answer: B

What mechanism allows you to make LUNs available to some initiators and unavailable to others?

A.    LUN masking
B.    LUN hiding
C.    LUN grouping
D.    LUN cloning

Answer: A

Which 3 FAS deduplication features were added in ONTAP 7.3?

A.    Qtree SnapMirror is supported on the destination for deduplication by enabling on the source, destination,or both systems.
B.    The fingerprint database and the change logs that the deduplication process uses are located outside thevolume, in the aggregate.
C.    After breaking the deduplication volume destination mirror, the deduplication (a-sis) process continuesuninterrupted.
D.    The deduplication schedule is not tied to a Qtree SnapMirror update, and can be configured just like thededuplication schedule for any volume.
E.    The deduplication fingerprint and change logs were moved to the root volume /etc/dedup directory.

Answer: ABD

NTFS allows file access based on ___________.

A.    NT ACLs and UNIX permissions.
B.    SID and password.
C.    NT ACLs and SID.
D.    UNIX permissions.

Answer: C

Before running lun setup on the storage system, you must first create the igroup to which the initiator will be attached.

A.    True
B.    False

Answer: B

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