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An administrator is tasked with installing an application patch on a virtual server. The administrator needs the ability to restore the server to its previous state quickly if the patch corrupts the system. Which of the following should the administrator do to accomplish this task?

A.    Install the patch on a development server
B.    Create a full backup
C.    Create a snapshot
D.    Install the patch on a test server

Answer: C

Which of the following cloud delivery models presents the LEAST vulnerabilities to a company’s existing network?

A.    Hybrid
B.    Community
C.    Public
D.    Private

Answer: D

Which of the following uses the business model of shared resources in a cloud environment?

A.    Elasticity
B.    Self-serve
C.    Cloud bursting
D.    Multi-tenancy

Answer: D

Which of the following is used to locate a specific area of storage in a cloud environment?

A.    Object ID
B.    SAN
C.    Replicas
D.    Metadata

Answer: A

Which of the following can be done after an administrator deploys a virtual server to ensure that the server vNIC can communicate to the physical network?

A.    Bridge the vNIC
B.    Set the vNIC speed to half-duplex
C.    Add an addition vNIC
D.    Set the vNIC speed to full-duplex

Answer: A

After an administrator successfully migrated the last physical application server to a virtual environment, the help desk reported slow performance. Which of the following should the administrator have done FIRST before migrating this server?

A.    Apply operating system patches to the application server after the migration.
B.    Contact the vendor to see if the application is supported in a virtual environment.
C.    Take a backup of the application server after the migration.
D.    Migrate the application server in a test environment and have users test it.

Answer: B

Which of the following would be used to establish a dedicated connection in a hybrid cloud environment?

A.    CHAP
B.    AES
C.    PKI
D.    VPN

Answer: D

An administrator deployed a DaaS cloud delivery model for a financial institution and implemented a data encryption technology using AES cryptography. Which of the following should the administrator implement NEXT?

A.    Access controls
B.    RC5
C.    SSL
D.    Zoning

Answer: A

An administrator deployed ten application servers from a single VM template. A senior administrator notices that these ten VMs are not using their resources efficiently. Which of the following is MOST likely the issue with the new servers?

A.    The dynamic resource pool is malfunctioning.
B.    The server is missing security patches.
C.    The VM servers were not properly configured.
D.    There are insufficient resources available on the host.

Answer: C

Which of the following storage technologies is file-based?

A.    WAN
B.    DAS
C.    SAN
D.    NAS

Answer: D
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