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Which SNMP trap must an administrator configure to be informed when the response time for a monitor probe that had exceeded the set threshold returns to normal?

A.    entityup
B.    entitydown
C.    monRespTimeoutAboveThresh
D.    monRespTimeoutBelowThresh

Answer: D

An administrator has executed the following commands:
• enable ns feature lb
• add service HTTP 80
• add service HTTP 80
• add lbvserver1 HTTP 80
However, the administrator notices that the virtual server state is DOWN.
Which action must the administrator take to set the virtual server state to UP?

A.    Set lbvserver vs1-state UP
B.    Bind a mentor to the services
C.    Setlb to vserver vs1-accessDown yes
D.    Bind the two services to the lbvserver1

Answer: D

The expression "url == *.txt || res.http.header content-encoding == text/html" can be used for __________ and __________ actions. (Choose the two action types that correctly complete the sentence.)

A.    caching
B.    compression
C.    content Switching
D.    cache Redirection

Answer: AB

An administrator is configuring a virtual server for encrypted traffic from clients that needs to be decrypted prior to being forwarded to the back-end servers.
Which type of virtual server and service should the administrator configure?

A.    SSL server and service
B.    SSL_TCP virtual server and service
C.    SSL_TCP virtual server and TCP service
D.    STCP virtual server and SL_TCP service

Answer: C

What can an administrator configure to perform a health check for a SVC1,which is transferring HTTPS traffic so that a probe is only sent when there is no traffic to the server?

A.    an HTTP monitor with the secure parameter selected
B.    an HTTP monitor with the transparentparameter selected
C.    an HTTP-Inline with the secure parameter selected
D.    an HTTP-ECV with the transparentparameter selected

Answer: C

Which trap can an administrator set on a NetScaler system so that an alert is sent whenever an SNMP management application that does NOT have access privileges attempts to access a NetScaler?

A.    loginFailure
B.    accessFailure
C.    accessDenied
D.    authenticationFailure

Answer: D

Scenario: A network administrator working with two NetScaler systems has encountered an issuewithHA. The administrator notices that HA synchronization is failing. The administrator has already run the <show node> command on both nodes but needs more information.
Which two additional steps should the administrator take to collect the appropriate data in order to troubleshoot this issue? (Choose two.)

A.    Collect the files in /var/core.
B.    Collect the files in /var/log/auth.log.
C.    Run show techsupport from both NetScalers.
D.    Run /netscaler/nstrace.sh -sz 0 to gather an nstrace.

Answer: AD

Scenario: An administrator finished installing a NetScaler appliance and configured a load balancing virtual server that has four services bound. The configured toad balancing method for
the virtualseveris set to use least connection. The administrator later added a fifth server to the virtual server However, when testing load balancing, the administrator finds that the virtual server is using round robin instead of least connection
Why would the NetScaler system be using round robin as the load balancing method instead of least connection?

A.    The administrator did not save the configuration correctly.
B.    The NetScaler is using slow start mode for the virtual server,
C.    Least connection will only function when more than five servers are load balanced.
D.    Least connection is not a load balancing method that can be used for Web servers.

Answer: B

When leveraging the Dashboard, which information would indicate to an administrator that server performance has been improved after caching m a network environment?

A.    Client connection count increases
B.    Server-side request rate increases
C.    Client connection count decreases
D.    Sever-side request rate decreases

Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator has set up four Webserversfor toad balancing. The administrator wants to monitor the response codes from the site todeterminewhether the site is up. The administrator has bound a custom HTTP mentor to the WTTP services. When the monitor is bound, the services go down so the administratorunbinds the monitor to bring the state of the services to UP. The administrator runs a HTTP header trace and finds that the site is responding with a redirect.
Which two options can the administrator use to get the service state to UP? (Choose two.)

A.    Create a new HTTP monitor with a 200 response code and bind it to the service.
B.    Create a new HTTP monitor with a longer response timeout and bind ft to the service
C.    Modify the custom HTTP monitor with the same redirect response code the site is sending and
bind it to the service
D.    Modify the custom HTTP monitor with the HTTP request going to a page that responds with a 200
response code and bind it to the service.

Answer: AC

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